50 Powerful Kindness Affirmations for Kids: Raising Them Right To Build A better World

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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As parents and teachers, we all want to raise kids who are kind, compassionate, and empathetic toward others. kindness affirmations for kids can help instill core values of kindness from an early age, and shape children into caring citizens of the world. One powerful way to nurture kindness in kids is through empowering affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that kids can repeat to reinforce kind beliefs and behaviors. Kind affirmations encourage little ones to lead with love, see others’ viewpoints, use kind words, and take caring actions. They instill confidence, spread light, and support kids to be their best selves. Just like seeds, kind affirmations planted early can grow strong roots and blossom into lifelong kindness.

Understanding Kindness Affirmations Generally

Kindness affirmations are positive statements that help you cultivate a mindset of kindness and compassion towards yourself and others. These affirmations can help you develop a more positive outlook on life and become more aware of the impact your actions have on those around you.

By repeating kindness affirmations regularly, you can train your mind to focus on kindness and positivity, which can help you feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your life. Kindness affirmations can also help you develop more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with the people around you.

Here are 50 kindness affirmations to share with children to foster more empathy, caring, respect, inclusion, and compassion:

1. I am kind with my words.

2. I see the good in others.

3. I speak up to help others. 

4. I am caring and considerate.

5. I make others feel special.

6. My heart is full of love to share.

7. I have room for everyone in my heart.

8. I treat others how I want to be treated.

9. I use kind words that are true.

10. Kindness makes the world brighter.

11. I have kindness to spare and share.

12. I am a bucket-filler, not a bucket-dipper.

13. I show kindness and love to all.

14. When others are kind to me, I say thank you.

15. Kindness makes me glow inside. 

16. It feels good to make someone’s day.

17. I look for ways to be helpful.

18. Kindness can change the world.

19. I include others who feel left out.

20. I see how amazing every person is.

21. I am a friend to all living things.

22. I cheer others on and celebrate their joy.

23. I notice kind acts happening around me.

24. I spread kindness through my actions. 

25. I have kind thoughts that make me smile.

26. I forgive when someone makes a mistake.

27. I give kindness freely with no strings attached.

28. I show kindness at school, home, and everywhere!

29. I am a bright light who leads with kindness.

30. My kindness can heal hurts.

31. I am kind to myself too. 

32. I have infinite kindness inside me to share.

33. I use kind words that bring joy.

34. I give others the gift of kindness.

35. I am a kindness superhero!

36. I choose to be kind over being right.

37. I look for the good, not the bad.

38. Kindness starts with me.

39. I show kindness to those who need it most.

40. My kindness makes a difference.

41. I plant seeds of kindness with my actions.

42. I am thankful for the kindness of others.

43. I listen with my heart to understand.

44. I am caring, loving and kind.

45. Kindness makes my heart feel light.

46. I share snacks, toys, and books with others.

47. I use kind words that build people up.

48. I make the choice to be kind today.

49. My kindness ripples out to help the world.

50. With kindness, love, and respect, I create peace.

When kids repeat these affirmations and put them into action, it builds confidence in their ability to be kind and make a positive difference. Simple kind words and acts have profound ripple effects. They strengthen kids’ empathy, inclusion and consideration for others. Affirmations empower children to be brave leaders and spread light. Give kids the wonderful gift of believing in their capacity for kindness and watch them change the world for the better!

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