Attention: Entrepreneurs!

Discover how to equip yourself with the tools you need to BUILD your own trans-generational wealth Empire.


If you aspire to become a billionaire philanthropist- a change-maker, this book will be the one of the most important books that you will ever read. 

The Money Farm by Alpha Josy
The Money Farm by Alpha Josy

THE MONEY FARM is a highly educative  Mindset and Financial training book designed to guide young people build multi-billion-dollar business and financial empires, while beginning from ground zero, with scarce resources and limited experiences.

Let Me Ask You:

Inside This Book, Here are some of the Secrets That Will Be Revealed…

The Money Farm

You are about to discover a treasure that would not only position you to build a solid financial empire but would also…

This book is designed with one major goal- Raise the Next Generation of BILLIONAIRE PHILANTHROPISTS!

Kindle – $6.99

Paperback – $10.52


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