This  foundation is the philanthropy/charity wing of The Money farm Academy, with the vision of raising the next generation of positive, growth minded change-makers and create a new breed of role models for the rural kid; through our mission of providing the rural kid with the social, psychological, physical and spiritual support needed to discover and develop his/her truest potentials.

This foundation was born from extremely humble beginnings in my first year in the medical school; long before I ever thought of publishing my first book and establishing The Money Farm Academy; when together with some colleague students we voluntarily spent our Christmas holidays with the kids of Dadekro, an inland village in the Volta region of Ghana. 


This foundation has grown to become the most essential part of the Academy and the pursuit of our goal to raise the next generation of billionaire philanthropists- a tribe of CHANGE-MAKERS.


That is why we have taken the noble initiative to dedicate One Ghana Cedi (GHc1.00) from each book sale of The Money Farm to pursuing the course of this foundation. 

Background of the Foundation

Though a brief stay, I had one of my life’s most enlightening experiences here, when in 2014 I had the serendipitous opportunity of participating in a voluntary outreach programme organized by the Catholic students organisation.


I was part of group of five people sent to Dadekro, a village in the northwest part of the Volta region of Ghana.


Our work was akin to that of missionaries as we preached Christianity and offered voluntary social services including teaching at the Dadekro primary school.

It was here that I had a most transformative and indelible encounter with the kids, particularly a young, brilliant, smart and brainy little girl in the community. “My Little Flower” I affectionately named her (her actual name was Precious).

My encounter with these kids brought to bare a few realisations:

It was based on these observations that the Smile-Makers dream was born and though it has been a challenging journey, with not an enormous impact created yet, that pursuit has been the focal point of my pursuit of wealth creation and a burning desire to be an instrument of positive transformation.


Subsequently with an undying desire to return and impart the lives of these innocent children, I organise a Christmas outreach to Dadekro in 2014, with some colleagues when I had moved to University for development studies  to pursue my medical career.


Later, funds became a challenge to continue with our activities and attempts to gain sponsorship proved futile. That lack of funds to pursue what I believe to be my calling- an advocate for child development, focusing on the rural kid; became the driving force for me to delve into the world of business, finance and sustainable wealth creation. 

Eventually all I seek is to find and express my voice, my unique contribution to God’s creation and help others find their own voices.
It is my hope you will join me in this cause as a Change-Maker!
God Bless!

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