Conquering Doubts and Fears: 50 Courage Affirmations to Live Boldly

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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We all experience times in life when doubts, worries, and fears threaten to hold us back. Disabling uncertainty can creep in and keep us stuck in inaction – unable to pursue our biggest goals and dreams. Despite our deep yearning for growth, negativity convinces us to play small and remain in our limiting comfort zones. 

However, courageously facing our doubts and fears ultimately allows us to expand into our highest potential. When we develop the inner fortitude to move through emotional blocks, we open up space for opportunity, joy and freedom to pour in.

The Power Of Affirmations

Affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool to cultivate courage and strengthen our mindset against self-limiting inhibitors like fear and self-doubt. By repeating uplifting statements that directly challenge disempowering thoughts, we slowly rewire our brains and embrace more empowering beliefs.

How Affirmations Influence Mindset and Beliefs

Affirmations can be a powerful tool for changing your mindset and beliefs. When you repeat positive statements to yourself, you begin to internalize those beliefs and make them a part of your identity. This can help you develop more self-esteem and confidence, which can in turn help you become more kind and compassionate towards others.

Kindness affirmations can also help you develop a more positive outlook on life. By focusing on the positive aspects of your life and the world around you, you can train your mind to see the good in everything and everyone. This can help you become more resilient in the face of adversity and more appreciative of the blessings in your life.

Here are 50 courage affirmations to boldly overcome doubts, insecurities and fears, so you can create the life you truly want:

1. I am bravely choosing courage over fear in this moment.

2. I have all the inner strength and fortitude I need to face this challenge.

3. My feelings of fear and doubt do not define me or limit me. 

4. I am stronger than any fear and will rise confidently to meet the moment.

5. I breathe deeply, calmly moving beyond worry to concentrate on my highest good.

6. I release any stories of scarcity or lack of worthiness. I know my true value. 

7. I am open to the roaring success awaiting me and believe in my power to create it.

8. I am courageous enough to take that critical first step, no matter how daunting.

9. I have no need or room for fear. I make space for excitement as I step into the unknown.

10. I let go of perfection and instead embrace the courage to begin, even imperfectly.

11. With every risk I take and every difficulty I overcome, my bravery builds.

12. Any uncertainty or worry I feel only means something important is emerging.

13. I replace doubts with affirmations of total confidence in my spirit’s infinite potential.

14. I am undaunted by obstacles on my path. I bravely keep taking the next right step.

15. My dreams don’t scare me. They inspire my courage to wholeheartedly pursue them.

16. Each hurdle is an opportunity for me to practice courage and emerge stronger. 

17. My bravery inspires others to break free of restrictive fears and go for their dreams too.

18. I am a courageous creator, shaping my chosen reality with positive energy and belief.

19. When fear knocks, I’ll calmly open the door and let faith answer.

20. My commitment to growing braver allows me to try new experiences with excitement.

21. Fear may visit, but it does not get to take up permanent residence in my being.

22. I release all doubts about my ability to handle any situation with courage and dignity.

23. I am fiercely courageous in honoring my truth and values every single day.

24. My brave heart guides me surely down the path of greatest fulfillment. 

25. I respond to challenges with an open mind, bravery and belief in positive outcomes.

26. I refuse to let fear limit my potential. I focus on how to make my dreams a reality.

27. I replace anxiety with gratitude for opportunities to stretch and strengthen my courage.

28. My momentous acts of bravery today create a courageous legacy for tomorrow.

29. My mind is calm and clear. I have the bravery to solve any issue that arises. 

30. I surround myself with courageous people who reinforce my own fearless mindset.

31. Fear no longer has control over me. I am in control of how far I soar. 

32. My bold confidence inspires others to banish self-doubt and self-limiting fears too.

33. I believe in myself and my abilities with deep, unshakeable courage and conviction.

34. With bravery as my bedrock, I know how to create the life I want most.

35. I possess incredible reserves of resilience and determination to handle anything.

36. Worries, doubts and uncertainties have no place in my thoughts or self-perceptions.

37. I am vividly focused on manifesting my visions with courageous action today.

38. Fear informs me to send extra love and faith to that which I most desire.

39. I am brave enough to give my dreams everything I’ve got and then some.

40. I don’t need to resolve every single doubt before taking the first leap of courage.

41. Having the courage to follow my heart is one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

42. Mistakes and failures do not reflect negatively on me. They show I was brave enough to try.

43. I trust my intuition fully and have the fortitude to honor its urgings without fail.

44. I am made of resilient stuff. I have the bravery to bounce back better than ever.

45. Everything I desire is possible when courage lights the way forward.

46. I am brave enough to listen to my own wisdom over naysayers or voices of doubt.

47. Courage is a muscle, and I work it out daily through feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

48. Each time I walk through my fears, I emit a shining beacon of inspiration for others.

49. I now replace worry with affirmations about being purpose-driven, focused and brave.

50. Being courageous allows me to create an extraordinary life that impacts many.


Use these courage affirmations as a mantra anytime self-doubt or worried thoughts arise. Let the empowering words replace negativity with unwavering confidence in your abilities to boldly move closer to your greatest vision. Read them first thing upon waking to strengthen your mindset for daily challenges. Record them on your phone to listen whenever an extra dose of bravery is needed.

The more we affirm and reinforce thoughts of courage, the quieter the voices of fear and uncertainty become. As we release fear and doubt, self-belief amplifies. We start seeing possibilities rather than worrying about limitations. With courage leading the way, we bravely forge ahead to create new realities of abundance, purpose and lasting joy.

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