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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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Here is an essential philosophy of life you may not know. Achieving success in a particular field is commendable, but being a success is more desirable and more impactful. Being a success means that your growth in a particular field does not come at the hefty expense of some other essential aspects of your life. Your mastery and success should be at the mercy of your health, social and spiritual life. Here are the five aspects of your life you should build if you want to be a success and not just achieve success:

 A Healthy Body

Most people underrate the importance of keeping one’s body healthy and in shape. A healthy, well-shaped body has this unexplainable effect of inspiring some level of confidence in you when you dress up and step out. A healthy body provides a home for a healthy mind to strive. Additionally, the discipline built in the process of maintaining your physical outlook becomes a habit that you can apply to any other endeavor and come out successful. Hit the gym if you can, start consistent home workouts, eat healthy, take care of your body!

A Growth Mindset

Your mindset is your thought pattern that determines how you perceive and react to situations. It also speaks to your general approach to life. Growth mindset individuals generally take the initiative to consciously and consistently work on specific set goals. These individuals see challenges as opportunities to grow and become better. They take responsibility for their actions and acknowledge that situations alone do not make them who they are but how they react is essential to who they become and what they achieve. To build your mind, read good books (Check out This Book Here for good start) on mindset, financial literacy, biographies of high achievers, and building sustainable success habits.

Your Social Capital

I am not just talking about making friends. There are a lot of friendships that only strive in comfortable circumstances but when the going gets tough, you are alone; when you need the exposure and support to build your brand and side hustle, they seem non-existent. Consciously and selectively build a network of people around you with whom you can mutually cooperate, team up with, and be inspired by. As Vusi said you need to build three levels of social capital: those above you who have successfully walked the road you are on; those who are like-minded and going on the same journey, and those below you whom you can inspire and help grow. Not forgetting your family!

Your Emotional Quotient

No matter how you look at life, your every action in life is emotionally motivated. It could be negative emotions like hate, jealousy, sadness, shame, depression, or hurt;  or positive emotions such as love, admiration, happiness, pride, excitement, or a sense of healing. These motivations drive our every action and decision in life. Now here is something you might not know; emotions regardless of the category they belong to, can be used to generate both positive and negative outcomes. Whiles anger can drive someone to hurt and even kill, that same anger can drive someone to the pinnacle of success. Emotionally intelligent people learn how to tame their emotions and use them to their own advantage. Just as circumstances, the out impact of any emotion on your life depends on how you perceive and react to it.

Your Spiritual Life

Don’t be zealously religious, be spiritual! Religion says, “I am a Christian”, “I am a Muslim”, “I am a Budhist”, etc. Spirituality says “I believe in the existence of a Being greater than myself, a being responsible for all the wonderful things observed in nature”. Spirituality says “I am a unique part of a cosmic Being with whom I can connect, fellowship, and draw power and strength from”. Spiritually is about building a strong connection with nature and the supernatural in a way that influences your behavior, and shapes your physical, emotional, and psychological interaction with your fellow man. Spirituality is a way of life that encompasses a strong belief in one’s ability to achieve anything you put your mind to, treat every other human with respect and dignity, do no harm, and live a life of purpose.

If you can work consistently to build these five areas of your life, you will become a beacon of success and become the proverbial alchemist whose touch turns everything to gold.

Written By: Dr. Josiah Nang-Bayi

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