Greatest Success Secret From The Greatest Cyborg of All Time

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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Life is like a grindstone, it can either perfect you or polarise you.

Let me tell you a story…

In July 1947, a star was born in Thal, Austria, immediately following the birth of his elder brother in the year before. In their early childhood, our star was usually seen as the underdog as his brother outperformed him in every competitive task set by their father. But that is not the interesting part. The father after returning from military service developed a toxic and abusive approach to the family. While growing up in this toxic environment the younger child had a goal and a dream of becoming the greatest bodybuilder in the world and to move and establish his name in America.

Long story cut short, the one-time underdog of the family, used the toxic and abusive circumstances of his childhood to become a multiple award-winning Mr Universe and eventually moved to America where he won several Mr Olympia titles. He proceeded into acting and has entertained the world as a star actor in several movies including the sensational Terminator series. He further ventured into politics and became mayor of one of the popular states in the US. I am sure by now you know whom I am talking about – the famous Arnold Schwrzenegger.

But hold on…

Remember the opening statement?

“Life is like a grindstone, it can either perfect you or polarised you.”

Arnold’s story is about how life perfects a person and takes you to the highest levels of accomplishment.

Do you remember the favourite son of the Schwarzenegger family? His name is Meinhard Schwarzenegger, the elder brother of Arnold. In the end, he got frustrated by all the negative things in his life and committed suicide. Sadly!

Do you get the moral of this story?

Circumstances, though, impact our lives, do not make us who we are. Who we become depends on how we perceive and react to the events we face. This is called mindset

Life is a blessing, a business opportunity gifted to all men by God. The business He freely gives but he will not manage it for you. You determine how you want to run your business, and consequently, whether it turns out profitable or not.

As I wrote in The Mony Farm, E (Events/Circumstances) + R (Reactions)  = O (Outcome). Whether the grindstone of life perfects you or polarises you, depends majorly on how you react to your life circumstances.

Written by: Dr Josiah Nang-Bayi


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