How to Attract Money: A Holistic Guide to Abundance

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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For many, attracting more money can seem like an elusive or even impossible goal. We’re bombarded with get-rich-quick schemes and funky “laws of attraction” ideas that promise outrageous wealth without much effort. Yet in reality, developing sustainable abundance is far more nuanced and multi-faceted.

The truth is, amassing money and creating financial freedom isn’t about plucking dollars out of thin air. It requires aligning numerous aspects of your mindset, skills, habits, and actions around some fundamental universal principles. When you harmonize these elements, money tends to naturally flow in abundance as a positive side effect.

A holistic blueprint for how to legitimately and consistently attract more money into your life.

Foster a Prosperous Mindset 

The mind is incredibly powerful in steering what we experience in life. Our thoughts, beliefs, and overall psychology act like filters and frames that shape our perception of opportunities as well as what we subconsciously attract.

Building a flourishing financial reality starts on the inside, by evolving your mindset away from scarcity thinking and towards a sense of abundance. Here are some mindset “wealth tenets” to adopt:

Abundance Over Scarcity

Discard any beliefs that there’s a finite amount of wealth to go around, or that you must compete vigorously and compromise your principles to get yours. The truth is that wealth compounds infinitely through service, and there’s enough for everyone with an abundance mentality.

Self-Worth and Deservedness

Many unconsciously sabotage their ability to accept wealth due to digging feelings of unworthiness. Affirm that you are innately deserving of all of life’s richest blessings simply through being alive. Build genuine self-confidence and self-love.

Desire Over Fear 

Get clear about what you positively desire to move towards, not what you fear to avoid. Frame your wealth quest in terms of inspired motivation, not desperation. Negative fears tend to reinforce the very poverties you’re trying to transcend.

Optimism Over Cynicism

It’s easy to look at systemic injustices and allow that to breed cynicism about ever improving your circumstances. But cynicism is a form of unconscious self-protection that limits growth. Choose an optimistic outlook that positive change is possible.

Patience Over Entitlement

We live in an impatient, hustle-obsessed culture that breeds entitled expectations of overnight success. Replace those unrealistic fantasies with a more patient, process-oriented outlook rooted in diligent, sustained effort over time.

Gratitude Over Greed

Contrary to what many assume, abundant wealth rarely stems from naked greed. More often, it blossoms from tapping into a deeper sense of gratitude, humility, and possibility consciousness. Be grateful for what you already have.

Cultivating these mindset tenets lays the critical inner foundation. But there’s still outer work to harmonize as well.

Master Value Creation

At its core, amassing real wealth is about creating immense value in ethically-principled ways that enrich others’ lives. It’s less about extracting and more about generating an upward spiral of compounding abundance.

Ways to Increase Your Skills as a Masterful Value Creator:

Embrace a Craftsperson Mentality

Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, advisor, or contributor of any kind, adopt the mindset of a highly skilled craftsperson who takes pride in diligently honing their expertise over years and decades. Amateurs dream of overnight riches, but craftspeople are committed to lifelong refinement of their value-creating abilities.

Develop Diverse Value-Creating Capabilities

Don’t pigeonhole yourself as a one-trick service pony. The magnates of today are skilled “value purveyors” who’ve diversified their abilities and can pivot flexibly between multiple value channels (products, services, businesses, investments, creativity, IP, information, and more). Develop a diverse and future-proof toolbox of skills that consistently produce value.

Enhance Value through Leverage

One person alone only has so much time and energy to create value through personal effort. But you can exponentially increase your value creation and income earning by strategically utilizing systems, teams, technology, and smart leverage. Don’t just trade dollars for hours, learn to generate automated and semi-passive income streams.

Apply an Investor’s Mindset

An investor always asks “Where is the most intelligent allocation of my resources to generate maximum productive output?” They avoid any value-leaking activities or purchases lacking an abundant return. Invest diligently in your personal growth, knowledge, skills, brand-building, and future-focus money-makers over present minor indulgences. 

Abundance-Based Over Scarcity Competition

Those with a scarcity mindset see business as ruthless competition over a small pie of resources, leading to unethical practices that “pinch” value to make a buck. But the truth is, when you operate from an abundance mindset serving a vital societal need, you’re unlocking expansive new potentials that grow the monetary pie exponentially. Look for collaborative ways to increase total system value in a rising tide that raises all fortunes.

Emphasize Creating Over Extracting

Many mistakenly pursue shortcuts to wealth through extracting money from others via misleading advantages in areas like pricing, fine-print clauses, hard sales tactics, artificial advantage taking, rent-seeking, and so on. But extracted money comes and goes. Focus on being a prolific creator of new value in authentically meaningful ways you can take pride in. Your money takes deeper root and flows more steadily from genuine shared abundance creation.

Adopt Optimal Wealth Embodiment 

Generating abundant wealth is one thing. Having the capacity to receive, embody, manage, and responsibly steward that wealth in an elevated way is another altogether.

Just as certain mindsets led to wealth creation, enacting these embodiment shifts allows you to energetically align with increasingly prosperous flows:

Dissolve Poverty Consciousness

No matter how much more money comes, if you still behave and self-identify with a lack mindset, you’ll keep leaking and limiting your full potential. Release tendencies like over-frugality, fearful hoarding, destructive habits, poverty-based attitudes, and resistance to leveling up your standards, appearance, lifestyle vision, goal benchmarks, and so on.

Cultivate Prosperity Consciousness

What attitudes, surroundings, habits, and overall vibration do you wish to embody to be an energetic match for infinite abundance? Meditate on prosperity symbols, elevate your standards, act & dress the part, be impeccable with details, surround yourself with abundance cues, adopt opulent self-care practices, and habituate to feeling deserving of the highest prosperity.

Money Mastery and Discipline

Along with energetic resonance, you need practical money savvy habits. Master budgeting, savings & investments, bill payment routines, legal/tax optimization, cash flow management, capital allocation, sensible luxury spending, and so on. Build the identity of a skilled money master.

Generosity and Legacy Focus

A key aspect of true wealth embodiment is shifting from chronic money hoarding tendencies toward abundance-based circulating and generosity. Model regenerative wealth that creates a rising tide of good for all. Invest in humanitarian causes, empower others, be philanthropically impactful, and hold a legacy vision of benefiting future generations.

Energetic Clearing

On an energetic level, there can be ancestral patterns, vows, blocks, attachments, and other metaphysical impedances that constrain full wealth embodiment. Various modalities like certain meditation practices, ritual like Ho’oponopno, systemic constellation work, and others may be used to clear and re-set those energies on a quantum vibrational level.

Conscious Creation Practices

Being highly intentional and purposeful about what you are creatively manifesting into your life experience is a key aspect of attracting aligned abundance. This may involve ceremonial practices, dream boards, written intentions, tantric energy work, prayer, yantras, or other conscious creation methodologies matched to your beliefs.

At the end of the day, attracting sustainable, world-evolving wealth isn’t about cosmic forces raining dollars from the sky onto your vision board. It’s about dedicating yourself to a lifelong journey of aligning in integrity with the universal principles and holistic elements that establish you as a masterful creator, receiver, and steward of ever-increasing abundance that benefits all of life.

When you tend to that process with disciplined patience, the money itself becomes almost an afterthought that spontaneously shows up as a natural effect.

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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD is a medical doctor by profession, an author, a financial literacy and digital assets enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a growing philanthropist.
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