How To Boost Your Impact And Be A More Useful Human Being.

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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Imagine this scenario…

Put on your imagination cap and really see it happening


After a hard week’s share of stressful work, you finally got a day off and decided to use the cool breeze and ambiance of the early evening beach walk to destress.

As the rejuvenating breeze and gentle roars of the ocean take you into a deep relaxing reminiscent state, and as all of the stress and worries begin to fade away; suddenly… “Heellllpppp…help me!… Hellp!!!” comes the startling interruption. You look towards the flowing ocean currents and there is a young man in the water, fighting to stay above the water and escape the gruesome death of drowning.

Your naturally kind heart impulsively sends a “help him!” message to your brain and before you knew it you start running into the water. But just as your feet touch the water, your inner man taps you on the shoulder, and goes like , “hey man, can you swim?”. Abracadabra, you stop and painfully look around for someone else to raise to the occasion of a life-saver. A second seems like a year as you watch the life draining out of the young man who eventually goes silent and gives up… he is gone!

How does this make you feel?

Only if you knew how to swim, you could have saved a life and spared a whole family many years of grief and the loss of a breadwinner.

But hey you can’t swim, so there was nothing you could do right?


You could have saved a life if only you had taken the pains to take swimming lessons and equip yourself with that skill.

This story teaches us one big lesson- you cannot give what you don’t have, no matter how much you desire help.

A blind man cannot lead another blind.

A poor man cannot help another poor man out of a financial struggle.

How many times have you seen posts of children and young people with very critical illnesses seeking funding for a life-saving intervention and wishing you could help?

How many times have you seen children sitting under trees to learn and wish you could build a school for them? How many children do you wish you could pay their school fees and give a chance to build a better life?

Many of us desire to help the poor, marginalised and needy. But you cannot do so when you have your personal and family struggles on your head.

You must learn to identify and develop yourself in at least one field, such as to equip yourself with the resources, knowledge, and skill set needed to be the lifeline that others may fall upon.

Build yourself such that when the need arises, you can run into the waters and pull out the drowning man, instead of watching helplessly as the life is drained out of him.

You cannot be a jack of all trades, but you can be a master of one essential trade, and eventually, that mastery will equip you with the finances and resources to make a meaningful impact on society and help those who may need a hand from time to time.

I have a dream to become extremely wealthy for three reasons; to create an inspiring story that gives young people the strength and encouragement to dare to dream big and pursue their dreams, to give my family the best of everything that this temporary life has to offer and finally to fulfill my calling of supporting the education and development of millions of rural kids.

None of these can I achieve if I do not first of all build and position myself to be self-sufficient and acquire the resources needed.

Remember you cannot give what you don’t have! So next time you helplessly watch someone suffering and wish you could help, let that be a driving force to push to be more, do more, and achieve greatness.


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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD is a medical doctor by profession, an author, a financial literacy and digital assets enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a growing philanthropist.
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