How to Leverage the Power of Motivation And Big Dreams For Your Personal Growth.

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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“The sun shall rise and we will try again”; “as long as there is life, there is hope”; “we will surely make it one day”; “With God on our side, we will surely make it” and the commonest of them all “never give up!”.

These are forms motivational phrases you have probably said to yourself or heard others say to you.

Most of the time these phrases tend to give you a new energy and hope that something great is going to happen soon.

But the question is, when the sun rises, what exactly is it that you are going to try again?; What is it that you are surely going to make that one day?; What exactly are you hopefully working on?
Can you pinpoint that exact goal that you are not giving up on?

Beware! The danger of Directionless motivation and empty dreams! Dreams without targeted goals and motivations without substrate and direction.

Most people are just going through life according to wind direction with no clear goals, nor committed pursuits; yet keep reading, quoting and posting motivational quotes, stimulating energy that is not particularly directed at any goal.

When you tell yourself, “I will surely make it one day” or “it is possible” or “I can do this!!”; what goal or target are you charging on?
Or you are just motivating yourself for motivation sake.

Get this, until you have clearly stated a set of goals that you commit your life to pursue, whatever motivation or activation, or energy you spend daily is Directionless, empty, and leading you nowhere. Your dreams are empty without any specific goals backing them.

Do you understand this message?

Posting motivational quotes and phrases is becoming more of a showoff or a way of excusing people’s gross indiscipline, lack of consistent action and failing to just do what should be done to take you to the next level.

To meaningfully leverage the limitless potential of motivation, be it internal or external, you must set goals, create a realistic action plan, and act on it consistently. The progressive attainment of these set goals naturally leads to one’s growth.

Motivation alone is just water on rocks, if it is not directed towards a S.M.A.R.T. goal!


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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD is a medical doctor by profession, an author, a financial literacy and digital assets enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a growing philanthropist.
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