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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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The metaverse represents an evolution of the internet towards persistent 3D virtual worlds that more closely mirror the real world. By enabling immersive social experiences, digital ownership, creator economies, and interoperability, the metaverse promises to expand how we work, play, and engage online.

This digital frontier also presents fresh opportunities to generate income for those who understand the landscape and key trends early. As virtual worlds grow in scale and interconnectivity, whole new ecosystems for creating value and making money will emerge.

This guide will explore emerging strategies, services, and business models poised to enable entrepreneurial users to monetize the metaverse economy.

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12 Best Ways Of Making Money With Metaverse

Sell Virtual Land

In many metaverse environments, users can purchase virtual land and real estate parcels similarly to the real world. These sites then serve as homes, stores, event venues, billboards and more. There is only a fixed supply of prime “locations” which drives recurring demand.

For example, in the leading metaverse platform The Sandbox, highly desirable virtual real estate sells for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars through the game’s own Ethereum-based currency SAND. As brands and individuals compete for scarce virtual land within popular metaverses, substantial real income potential exists.

Providing Services

A core aspect of the metaverse is facilitating users to create value through offering services to other individuals or businesses. Skills in creative fields like design, architecture, marketing or programming will be in high demand.

Some examples of metaverse services people could offer include:

– Designing custom avatars, skins, wearables and accessories

– Building unique virtual structures and environments for others’ properties

– Helping brands create virtual storefronts and showrooms

– Programming interactive games and quests

– Producing videos or livestreams of in-world events

– Displaying in-world ads on behalf of brands

Almost any service in the real world from hosting events to interior design can be delivered virtually to metaverse patrons. Expect expanded marketplaces and gig platforms to connect service providers with clients across metaverses.

Create and Sell Digital Assets

Digital artists and creators can monetize their works in the metaverse as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These blockchain-backed assets represent a breadth of unique creations from 3D models to music files, representing in-world items.

Creators should focus on designing NFTs depicting items that bring utility and value inside popular metaverse environments and video games. Some examples include:

– Stylish wearable fashion collections

– Decorative buildings and structures

– Distinctive avatar designs

– Immersive 3D scenes and landscapes

– Interactive game props like vehicles, weapons, or pets

– Emotes conveying popular expressions or dances

With an experiential mindset, artists can craft novel digital goods people will desire and value in-world. Partnering with brands can also drive additional exposure and revenue channels.

Operate Virtual Stores and Services

For entrepreneurs, the metaverse enables the creation of entire virtual businesses and economies. You can open a unique store selling authorized digital goods or in-real-life products. Or provide recreational services like hosting classes, concerts or other activities for payment.

Dedicated patrons willing to pay for the creative experiences, status, convenience and personal connections that virtual businesses offer will emerge. Consider what services you could offer virtually that add real value.

Some examples include:

– A virtual fashion boutique carrying official digital branded apparel and skins 

– A virtual furniture store selling digital furniture and décor for homes

– A virtual gym offering scheduled workout or dance classes 

– A music venue charging admission for special DJ sets and live performances

– A social club offering private member benefits like events and item drops

With creativity and business acumen, virtual ventures can make substantial income thanks to global accessibility, low overhead, and blockchain payment rails.

Develop Metaverse Games

Gaming activities will dominate the attention and revenues of early-stage metaverses. Entrepreneurial developers can build and launch their own standalone games within popular metaverse environments using provided game creation engines and toolkits.

For example, third-party game creators are building a myriad of multiplayer gaming experiences using The Sandbox’s VoxEdit and Game Maker tools. If gaining strong followings, these games can drive significant recurring income to their producers through avatar purchases and in-game transactions.

Successful metaverse games will focus on strong communities, creativity elements, and social dynamics that incentivize engagement and status. Build with interoperability at the core.

Speculate on Virtual Assets

Virtual real estate, fashion items, accessories, artifacts and even domain names within early metaverses have sold for eye-watering sums, sometimes into the millions of dollars. Savvy speculators have scored massive returns by acquiring scarce digital assets early and reselling to emerging collectors and whales.

This includes snapping up items during initial pre-sales and releases before broader awareness of new projects is present. As more asset classes become tradable as NFTs across metaverses in the coming years, significant arbitrage opportunities will exist for risk tolerant speculators. Timing and access will be key.

Monetize Your Audience and Following

Individuals with large followings on established social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok will be able to monetize that audience into metaverse ecosystems. You can promote your metaverse persona and activities to draw fans.

Some potential avenues include:

– Promoting your metaverse assets, creations and services

– Hosting exclusive experiences, events and merchandise for fans

– Charging membership fees for access to privileged content 

– Selling courses on creating value and monetizing the metaverse

The audiences you build elsewhere can bootstrap your income and status in new virtual worlds as they progress.

Earn Income as an Influencer

A new category of metaverse influencer is emerging. Like with any novel trend, being an early thought leader can be lucrative. Those able to educate audiences on navigating the metaverse stand to capture mindshare and community interest.

Revenue opportunities include:

– Making video tutorials guiding beginners on metaverse basics

– Writing reviews of latest metaverse worlds and features 

– Livestreaming your own metaverse journeys and creations

– Testing early features and assets to gauge demand drivers

– Breaking down complex topics like digital wallets and virtual real estate

Becoming an authority lets you direct interest to the most promising spaces and monetize through advertising, virtual item promotions, appearances, and sponsorship deals.

Invest in Promising Projects Early

Investing in promising metaverse ecosystems during their infancy can deliver substantial returns later as network effects kick in. This includes acquiring governance tokens, virtual land parcels, incubator access, and other platform assets when new projects launch.

For example, Decentraland only sold digital LAND parcels initially through token auctions. Those able to get in early at a low introductory land price were then able to sell it later as demand grew exponentially, providing massive returns on investment.

Identifying and gaining early access to new projects with disruptive potential will be challenging but well rewarded. Extensive due diligence will be essential.

Join Creator DAOs and Accelerators

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) focused on coordinating capital and supporters around incubating promising metaverse creators represent a Web3 native model to generate deal flow.

By joining forces as accredited investors or experienced mentors backing early creative talent building next generation immersive worlds, all participants share in the upside. Leading gaming guilds and venture organizations are already forming to invest in and develop the Metaverse economy from the ground up.

The Best Way to Start Making Money

The most practical strategy for tapping early income from the metaverse is to start by monetizing your existing strengths and audience. For example:

– If you’re a skilled 3D digital artist, create and sell decorative NFT objects to display in virtual worlds.

– If you’re an influencer or blogger in fashion, cover and promote cutting-edge digital clothing lines.

– If you’re an event organizer, experiment with hosting virtual gatherings in spatial worlds.

Building up tangible experience today allows you to capitalize on bigger opportunities and trends down the road. The skills and followers you gain now become your platform for future ventures.

Guiding Principles for Success

Approaching the burgeoning metaverse with the right mentality and expectations gives you the best shot at staying agile and realizing income. Keep these principles in mind:

– The metaverse must make life easier, not harder. Find ways to add true convenience and value for real people.

– Build community, utility and engagement first – revenue second. Don’t expect short term windfalls.

– The metaverse is constantly evolving. Stay flexible, focused on the long-term, and ready to pivot strategies.

– Promote cross-platform mobility and interoperability in everything you do. Avoid siloed thinking.

– Develop niche expertise combining human understanding and technical blockchain literacy. Specialize and contribute value.

By immersing yourself today, you position yourself to capture profitable opportunities in the years ahead as mass adoption grows.

Risks and Challenges

Attempting to monetize virtual worlds carries substantial risk and uncertainty. Consider these realities check before proceeding:

– Most metaverse worlds remain very early stage and volatile. The technology and business models are still maturing.

– You must overcome a significant learning curve across blockchain tools, network dynamics and culture.

– Income potential relies heavily on network effects. A project and economy must gain scale and liquidity to thrive.

– It takes significant upfront time and effort to create value before sizable revenue is realistic. Bootstrapping and persistence are key.

– There is intense competition from highly skilled entrepreneurs and developers attempting similar ideas. Offer differentiated value.

– Scams, excessive hype and misleading claims run rampant in this complex new space. Avoid get rich quick schemes.

By accepting the nascence of the ecosystem, you brace yourself for a multi-year journey of learning and creating value incrementally. There are no shortcuts to sustainable metaverse revenue. But embracing the process, community and technology allows positioning yourself for Web3 opportunities ahead.


The emerging metaverse landscape, while still early and unproven, offers motivated individuals and groups new creative avenues to explore over the coming decade. Your human skills, relationships, and intellect remain the ultimate assets and competitive advantages rather than any specific domain knowledge.

By identifying where you can add value to virtual worlds early on and building engaged communities with a bold vision, you stake your place in the frontier of the next generation internet. The journey promises challenges but also unprecedented opportunities. With the right mindset and perseverance, your avatar could one day reflect your real world success.

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