How To Use and Grow The Power Of Your Brain.

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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Don’t get it twisted. This post is about the brain.

We will get to that in a bit.

If you have ever attempted any form of exercise, be it a gentle early morning jog, pushups or any form of mild home workouts, or intensive gym workout; then you have most likely experienced the soreness that comes averagely 12 hours later.

The first time I pushed my limit to do 50 pushups in one day, I woke up the next morning feeling like I was tortured the previous night. (I can go above 200

Did you know that the pain you felt was actually sores within your muscles?

According to fitness and health experts anytime you exercise your muscles beyond your comfort zone, you actually cause injury to the muscles, just as you bruise your skin when you fall.  Do you also know that it is the healing process of these injured muscles that produces the model body shape you desire or admire in others?

Lest we forget this gist…

the muscle bulking process takes place between 24 to 72hours after the exercise is done. Which means rest is very essential in this whole process. Does that apply to the brain too? We will see…

Like it is said… “pain is the down payment for gain”. As the muscles heal, they fused, thicken and increase in size and number.

Why am I sharing this with you?

You see the human body is like a machine. Unused, it rusts, get cranky and eventually loses function. “Use it or lose it!” – a common aphorism among fitness enthusiasts.

This aphorism is no less true for the brain as it is for the muscles. Disuse leads to demise!

The human brain is made up of billions of interconnected tiny cells call neurons whose communication makes you who you are as a person. You can liken it to the electric grid of a city; series of cables connected across buildings providing a pathway for the continuous flow of electric current that brings life to an otherwise “dark and dead city” 

According to several research, the more one uses the brain, the more new connections are built among the billions of neurons. These connections are the lifeline of the brain cells. Lack of connection leads to starvation and death.

The more connections there are, the higher one’s connective reserve. Feeding your brain with the same knowledge or level of challenge will lead to retention but does not lead to growth. Once you can do it, doing it will not add anything new. You must progressively introduce new ideas, knowledge and high cognitive challenges to your brain.

I believe by now you are getting the gist.


The Brain, “Use it or Lose it!

Now, how exactly can you use and grow your brain? What is the nature, pattern and flow of activities that can lead to cognitive growth and improve your whole life and bring you success?

We will look at that in our next article?

Until then, have a fruitful day!

Dr Josiah Nang-Bayi


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