Life Lessons From The Sculptor: Hidden Secrets To Success

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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life lessons from the sculptor

The sculptor stands before a piece of formless marble, chisel in hand ready to chip away pieces of that shapeless yet captivating stone. Hidden in that stance are transformative life lessons from the sculptor

To the unacquainted observer, the sculptor gives the impression of a man in his own world where he can communicate with rocks. However, in the sculptor’s mind, his trained sharp imagination vividly captures the amusing, breath-taking, world-class museum standard work of art, which is the finished product of his gifted hands.

Even before the first strike of his chisel sharply caresses the marble piece, he has already formed a clear picture of his masterpiece. He can picture it in all its fine details, so it seems done already. That is how the masterpieces of art are created.

In life, we often take for granted the power of imagination and visualisation in the attainment of desired goals. The first and most essential step to pursuing your goal is clearly knowing exactly what that goal is.

As Stephen R. Covey once said, everything that exists today, every innovation and invention, every successful project was created twice. First, there was a mental creation (imagination/visualisation) then the physical creation.

Whatever goals you have you must first employ the power of the free gift of your imagination to vividly create a mental picture of what your goal will look like once fully attained.

Here is what visualisation does for you; first it clarifies the goal and makes it devoid of all forms of ambiguity. A goal clearly held in the mind is a great and essential step to its realistion. Secondly, visualising your goals fills you with a sense of excitement, and empowerment, and reaffirms your belief in the feasibility of your that goal.

But mind you, visualisation is not daydreaming! No! it is a mental creation process that provides a laser focus point to guide you in pursuit of your SMART goals. Once your goal is visualised successfully, you are positioned to strategically and realistically develop an actionable plan, which when implemented with consistency and commitment will gradually and eventually manifest the physical form of your mental creations.

Be like the sculptor. Don’t waste your energy on directionless, unclear, ambiguous goals. Before you take the first action step, take a moment to recline into your imaginative palace. See your goal clearly in your mind’s eye before attempting to show it to the world. Otherwise, you are like a sojourner who steps unto the road without knowing his destination.

Finally, be mindful not to turn the productive art of imagination into a dream-killing habit of daydreaming and constant procrastination. Many revolutionary ideas have met their demise here.

Visualisation of your goals is the preceding step to developing and implementing a realistic action plan. It is a means to successfully drive you to the desired destination. Use it wisely!

Written by Dr Josiah Nang-Bayi


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