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A Sneak Peek

The money farm by Alpha Josy

Chapter One

“No one demonstrates the truth of this wisdom, in its natural fulness than the farmer. Action creates the possibility of success.

If at planting season, the farmer sits at home admiring his bags of seeds, he will be hired to harvest someone else’s crops so that he can earn a wage for his family to eat, at harvest time.”

Chapter Two

Akin to the transfer of knowledge in farming, knowledge about money is transferred. For many a kiloyear, several millionaires and billionaires have tried and tested proven systems and principles of building massive wealth.

These proven systems and principles have been completely transferred to us through generations of progressive refinement and repackaging.


Chapter six

In this chapter we put it all together in a seamless fashion; all the steps to cultivating your money farm interconnected and in a way it all makes sense.

Most importantly, providing a guide for you to maintain the discipline needed to keep your farm (financial empire) growing in size and yield season after season until you have enough yield to outlive you and continue to feed your generations yet to come.

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