Secrets To A Fulfilling Life: The Failed Life Formula and How To Overcome it!

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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Purpose Versus Life-formula.

Do you believe there are secrets to a fulfilling life? Go to school, get good grades, get a job, marry and have kids, grow old, and die – this is the socially perceived stereotypic formula for life.

This basic formula is supposed to be the hub, the skeleton, the framework on which each person builds your life. Unfortunately for most of us, this formula has become the entirety of life itself. Today.

We forget that each and everyone is a unique creation of God, with unique abilities and a unique PURPOSE. The life-formula sets a stage on which we stand and build the arsenal to present our unique identity, make our mark on the earth, and fulfill our greatest calling – our PURPOSE.

Sadly, we are now too busy working to complete the skeletal formula, that we lose site of the muscles, vessels, and organs that should make up the whole – the PURPOSE.

Do you even know that you have been given a unique purpose to fulfill on this earth before it is your turn to return to your maker?

 Have you ever dedicated time to exploring the vast courtyards of your mind palace to discover that special calling of yours?

You were not created to just complete the formula of life and depart. You were created to fulfill a unique purpose, to leave an indelible positive mark on this earth while tapping from the hub of life.

Do you know your purpose?

Are you working on the whole (purpose) or you are just busy polishing the skeleton?

What positive mark/change are you working to imprint on society before you depart?

You were not created to just live a life., You have a higher unique calling that transcends the life-formula.

Make your mark, fulfill your purpose, and stay blessed.

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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD is a medical doctor by profession, an author, a financial literacy and digital assets enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a growing philanthropist.
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