Top Ten Life Lessons to Learn From “Ghost”: Summary of Power The Netflix Series

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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: Don’t get it twisted. The name “Ghost” is not what you think it refers to. The article presents a summary of power, The Netflix thriller series

Though the personality and survival instincts of this character appropriately earned him that street appellation, he is a living character, James “Ghost” St Patrick, in Starz Thriller Power. This character was played superbly by the talented Omari Hardwick.

To most people, this movie is a story of Crime and Murder stereotypically cast in an African-American/South-American context.

However, after watching the movie twice, I discovered that it communicates a lot more than the superficial mind can appreciate. It is a story of family loyalty, the strive to be better, do better and leave a legacy better than what one received.

Here are ten lessons I learned for James “Ghost” St Patrick:

1. Your past is part of who you are but doesn’t define who you become.

At some points in our lives, depending on the environment we were born into, and the circumstances surrounding our nurturing, we naturally find ourselves doing whatever it takes to survive, things we are never proud of. And that is okay. What is not okay is to keep using your past as an excuse or barrier to hold you back from creating a better version of yourself. Ghost, a one-time drug lord and murderer died a well-respected and reputable businessman and politician.

2. If you put your mind to it, you will always find a way.

Starting from season one of the series, it was clear that Ghost just didn’t want a way out of the life of crime, but sort to build a better life and legacy for his family and kids in his neighborhood. Amidst various obstacles and threats, even, from his family members, he eventually realised that dream in season 6.

3. Family is always family no matter how you fight.

All throughout the movie, Ghost, even at the point he started cheating on his wife, never for once shirked his responsibility to protect and cater for his family. He stayed true to it and died for it, even, if you analyse things critically. Not to mention forgiving his son for shooting him in the chest.

4. Always look at the bigger picture.

James “Ghost” St Patrick, always saw beyond a life of crime in New York City to building a strong legacy. This became obvious when he entered into the political arena, and tried using his network to establish the QCP. Another observation most fans probably missed is that, while his family failed to see it, he was trying to build himself into powerful positions such as to protect his family from the consequences of their criminal engagements.

5. Never stop fighting for the future of your family

It was obvious that James wanted, more than anything else, to ensure his children never get involved in the life of crime he had gotten too deep into. He encouraged them and made sure they got the best education. Even when his son, Tariq, started dealing drugs with his mother (Tasha) and renounced him (Ghost)as his father, he (Ghost) never gave up trying to put his son back on track. The most prominent show of this, was when he bequeathed 2/3 of his estate to Tariq but put in a clause that he (Tariq) must finish College with a GPA of at least 3.5 before he can access the inheritance.

6. Never forget your roots

In season 6, when he needed a new site for the QCP, we were, for the first time shown a glimpse of Ghost’s past life. He went back to a bar where his father hustled legitimately to raise them, and sort to develop the building into QCP headquarters.

7. Never fail to show gratitude to those who helped you on your way up

Following his murder by his own son, we see how he distributed his wealth, including Tommy’s mum (who raised him alongside Tommy after his (Ghost) father died). He also set up an insurance policy for Tommy to escape and start a new life out of New York City

8. Never trust anyone with your life.

Of all the people who wanted Ghost dead, and following all the failed attempts on his life, he was eventually shot by his own son. I guess he never saw that one coming. Or maybe he did but gave in because of the love he had for his son.

9. Manage your pride and ego. 

Getting to the end of the movie, in the episode perfectly named ” NO one can stop me”, we observe how James became complacent and super cocky. Consequently, furthering the hate surrounding him, and almost everybody wanting him dead. He became prematurely confident that he had arrived when he was yet to be elected to lieutenant governor.

10. Finally, always plan ahead for your family’s security.

This was obvious in the nature of his will and the insurance systems he had put in place for the people he loved.

You don’t have to be a one-time drug lord to apply these lessons in your life. Hope you find these guidelines valuable to your growth.

Rest in peace Ghost!

Awaiting your reappearance in the Cayman Islands (at least if I was the director, I would add that scene as the last…lol)

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