A Summary of The 8th Habit – Finding Your Voice, Your Unique Purpose; Help Others Find Theirs!

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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Here is the most comprehensive summary of The 8th Habit. Following the global success and impact of his best-seller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, published in 1989,  Stephen R. Covey stunned the world with yet another best-seller, The 8th Habit, From Effective to Greatness, in 2004.

As misleading as the title may be, most people misconstrue the 2004 literary work as a numerical continuation of the earlier released The Seven Habits. The 8th Habit however takes the principles of success, so perfectly elucidated and outlined in The Seven Habits, into a higher realm. A level of achievement not just limited to one’s personal growth and development, but extends to the impartation and transformation of others for the common good of society.

You have been endowed with a special calling that only you can fulfill. You possess a unique voice and purpose that, if left unexpressed, would leave a gap in this world that no one else could fill. This is an empowering yet sobering reality. To unlock your highest potential and lift others, you must discover and share your irreplicable talents.

By integrating key principles of whole-person development and collaborative contribution, you can unveil your innate gifts. You can discover profound meaning by uplifting people beyond limitations. This is the integral work of the 8th habit. Walk with me below through some illuminating highlights from this life-changing book. Together we will uncover how to live out your unique calling while elevating the world.

Here are some top lessons from The 8th Habit I deem worthy of sharing:

You are uniquely created, with a special voice – your unique purpose, your calling.

A voice made for only you, never before created, and will never be created again. It is up to you to find that voice and let the world hear it. You and you alone have been purposely molded to fill that gap and ensure the continuous wholistic existential essence of God’s creation. You either speak or forever the world is denied of ever hearing that unique voice- a gap is left never to be filled.

. Set aside time for deep reflection on what innately motivates you. What activities prompt a state of immersive flow? When have you felt truly purposeful and alive? Mindmap all stirrings of your entrepreneurial spirit no matter how unconventional.

Tune out all external voices trying to shape your purpose. No one else can decipher the native language of your soul. Trust your intrinsic compass over the extrinsic. Experiment and observe what opportunities evoke joy and excellence. Use journaling, art, nature, and meditation to tap into subconscious insights into your hidden superpowers.

Help Others Find Their Voices

It is great to find and express your voice, but an even greater feat is helping others find their own voice. Success in any endeavor requires the consistent and strategic application of certain unchanging principles or natural laws. Finding and effectively expressing your unique voice requires a significant mastery of the principles required. It then becomes a natural obligation to use your acquired knowledge, skill, and wisdom as a tool to guide others to also find and pursue their own unique calling.

Hopelessness and suffering often breed when basic human needs go unmet. At higher stages of personal development, making a difference through service naturally emerges as a key life focus. Your distinctive talents likely trace back to deep-seated passions and access points for addressing common struggles all people face. Beyond formal titles, fulfilling your calling involves understanding and assisting others from a place of compassion.

Cultivate deeper empathy by walking in the shoes of those facing adversity. Reach out to marginalized groups and communities in need. Assist them respectfully through humble listening and counseling.

Use your unique voice to advocate for demoralized groups so their perspectives get included in solutions. Tackle injustice and barriers obstructing human dignity. Marshaling your skills to uplift downtrodden people liberates untapped heroic talents lying dormant within yourself as well.

You Must Develop All Faculties of Your Being

Finding one’s voice requires the whole-person approach which sees the human being as a composite of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. These four parts translate into the four intelligences; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and the highest manifestations of these capacities are discipline, vision, passion and a conscience. These four capacities should be developed significantly before one can truly find and express your voice, your calling, your unique purpose. (I think we should have a whole article dedicated to these four… what do you think? Let me know in the comments)

Leverage The Free Gifts Of Nature

Beyond the four intelligences gifted to every human, there are two natural free gifts given unto man to be employed freely in finding our voices and helping others do the same. These are the freedom and power to choose; and natural laws and principles. Every child is born with these three free gifts , and depending on how we each utilise them, through our thoughts, decisions, and actions, we determine the level of personal success and societal impact we can achieve. How well do you utilise your gifts? Remember the Parable of Talents in the Bible (Matthew “5:14-30)?

Your Inaction is A Decision With Consequences

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke. Your failure to find your voice and express it, utilising the free gifts of nature, deprives the world of all the good intentions you have. Actions and not intensions are what produce results and effect change in the world. wherever you fail to take action it creates space for someone else to act and the consequences thereof will be the effects of the person’s actions.

Cultivate Abundance and Positive Change

As your competencies grow, avoid confining your gifts narrowly. Think abundantly in terms of multiplying opportunities instead of dividing limited resources. Develop wisdom to enrich society broadly through enterprise and innovation. Advocate for policies and technologies spreading accessibility and inclusion. Collaborate with those holding missing pieces to catalyze transformation. Participate in movements centered on human dignity over personal glory. Compound your impact through ethical networked leadership founded on compassion and foresight.

Keep gathering insights on societal challenges in need of creative solutions. Survey the terrain for overlooked niches where injecting your talents stabilizes lives and communities. Combine empathy, intellect and imagination to produce original services, products, and reforms.


Know this- no matter what your circumstances may be, no matter how disadvantaged you think you are, no matter the limiting factors you may have pressing on your neck, never forget that you have been given a special voice, a unique purpose or calling that you and only you must fulfill. God did not only give you responsibility but also empowered you with gifts of choice, principles/natural laws, and four powerfully interlinked intelligences that you may use in any manner you desire to fulfill your calling.

The world awaits your special voice and brilliant solutions, my friend. Commit to developing your abilities while also elevating others. Seize this precious chance to actualize exponential good through embracing higher service. May you continually renew inspirations, talents, and wisdom to realize the full vibrant potential of your exquisite soul.

Written By Dr Josiah Nang-Bayi, author (www.moneyfarmacademy.com)

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