The 5am Club Summary: The Top Ten Lessons From Robin Sharma’s The 5AM Club

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This article presents The 5am club summary in the most comprehensive way. The 5am Club was scripted and published by Robin Sharma in 2018. He spent four years researching, experimenting, and formulating the best early morning routines that can lead one to the highest points of productivity. The life-changing discoveries he made were weaved in this bestseller – The 5am Club.

Here are the top lessons shared by Robin Sharma in The 5am Club

Own your Morning, elevate your Life  

This point is the core and most essential teaching of the 5am club summary. Robin believes that waking up early, at 5am each day, affords you the time, space, and serenity to focus on yourself, boost your general health, and set yourself to perform the most important goals and tasks.

Develop an early morning routine: the 5am club in a synopsis

Waking up early is not just enough to produce world-class productivity if the time is not utilized appropriately. Robin prescribes the 20/20/20 formula as a perfect morning routine.  It divides the first hour of your day into three equal parts: 20 minutes for exercise, 20 minutes for meditation or reflection, and 20 minutes for planning or goal-setting.

Connect with your personal legend

In a world of overwhelming distractions and unsolicited opinions about your life from people who don’t even know their own lives, it is often difficult to discover and focus on your truest potential.  Find your unique purpose in life and let it guide you to your genius.  What are you passionate about? What do you want to achieve? Once you know your personal legend, you can start to align your daily activities with it.

Master your interior empires before you can own external empires 

Robin enumerates four areas of your life that need to be balanced in order to achieve self-mastery: your physical (Healthset), mental (Mindset), emotional (Heartset), and spiritual (Soulset) empires. The activities of the 20/20/20 formula are intuitively and thoughtfully designed to calibrate these four inner empires for virtuoso productivity.

Become a productivity ninja

Busyness doesn’t always mean productive. Climbing a ladder backed against the wrong wall will never get you the desired rooftop. You must learn how to focus your time and energy on the most important tasks while saying no to distractions and commitments that don’t align with your goals.

Your environment determines your engagement

In the book, Robin spoke about the Tight Bubble of Total Focus (TBTF) approach as one of the 10 tactics of lifelong genius. He speaks of creating an imaginary bubble around yourself such that you censor and filter the ideas, people, and events that get in to affect your daily living.  This means surrounding yourself with positive people and influences, and removing anything from your life that is holding you back.

Small daily wins consistently achieved create stunning life results 

Your whole life on earth is an aggregate of trillions of zeptoseconds forming seconds leading to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. How you use each day eventually determines who you become, what you achieve, and the impact you make at the end of your days. This is called Day Stacking. Your life is a stack of days, one on top of the other, at a time. Check how you spend your day and you can see your future.  

Apply the 5-day Concept to Maximize your day

Each morning when you wake up, during the last 20-minute pocket of your 20/20/20 routine, write down five tiny targets that if achieved will give you a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day. If you can consistently do this, in a month, you would have achieved 150 tasks summing up to 1,825 achievements in twelve months. This will not only put you ahead but boost your self-confidence and belief.

Longevity is the key to legendary

You have probably heard it said, “It is not the years in your in your life that matter but the life in your years”. In as much as this is agreeable, there is no debate that with more healthy and active years, a productive person will achieve even more. It is therefore imperative that using the twin cycles of elite performers you balance your high excellence cycle of productive work with the deep refueling cycle of rest, relaxation, good meals, and quality adequate sleep. Remember the secrets of rest discussed in our article on how to Build and Grow The Power of Your Brain?

Use your Joy as GPS for your life

Joy is your inner man’s way of guiding you to your personal genius. Whenever you have to make a decision always ask, “Which option will bring me long-lasting joy and fulfillment?” Notice I used the term “long-lasting”? Don’t confuse this with the unyielding habits of instant gratification that only bring you temporary pleasure at the expense of your long-term productivity, growth, and sustainable happiness. Binge-watching 10 episodes of a Netflix series will give you instant pleasure but is it helping you grow towards your personal legend?

These are just a few of the many lessons that can be learned from The 5am Club. If you’re looking to improve your life and achieve your goals, I highly recommend reading this book.

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