Types Of Mindset- Real-Life Illustrations To Clearly Understand and Apply In Your Pursuit Of Success!

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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When I set out to write my previous post (a prelude to the types of mindset) – “THE GREATEST SECRET TO SUCCESS IS ALREADY IN YOUR HEAD”, I desired only one thing.

That you find transformative value in that write-up.

Somehow, you will find wisdom (not just knowledge) to help you get to the next level in your endeavour.

Thank you for reading and finding the value I intended for you. You will go far and achieve greatness by the Power of the Almighty!

Now Let us delve into the juicy bits for the day.

Are you ready?

Today’s encounter is the top-up you need to convert the previous knowledge into wisdom

So follow closely…

There are two types of mindsets as mentioned in the previous post. Do you remember them or are you a bad student?… LOL

If you have not read the previous post go back and read it before you continue with this one

Growth Mindset Versus Fixed Mindset (Restated for the sake of the bad students… haha)

So what constitutes a growth mindset as differentiated from a fixed mindset?

Read on, it will all be revealed soon

Let me share a bizarre story with you. This is a story I shared in The Money Farm

It is a story of twins born in the Land of Bumba, to a drunk and abusive father. Growing up, the best day of these kids’ lives was the day their dad was so drunk that he could not find his way home.

By the age of 30, these twins had grown into two mature men each with their own families. But the twist was in the kind of man each had grown into.

One became a very responsible, sober successful teacher and family man

The other became a somewhat responsible drunk father struggling to keep his job as a lawyer and family together.

When the two of them were interviewed by a curious young man like myself, here is what each had to say.

Drunk Twin – “Growing up, all I saw was my drunk dad coming home and causing a lot of mess. So though I tried, I had no choice but to pick what I saw daily. But I am better. I am not abusive like my father. I only drink a lot”

Sober Twin – “Growing up, I saw what alcohol did to my father and it was so horrible I promised myself never to become any part of what my father is. I decided to be a better man and father. My children should never see a glimpse of the horror I saw in my parent’s house”

Now, before reading on, take a moment to reflect on this and share with me in the comments, what you come up with. Comment your thoughts before you continue reading. Do it now!

Are you reading on without commenting?

Be kind and share some value with me.

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This story illustrates the two mindset types.

There is a lot to share but I will limit it to two points

This write-up is getting too long already

Fixed mindset persons blame situations and other people for their own failures; Growth mindset persons accept responsibility for their lives and take charge.

People with growth Mindset understand situations do not make a man, but rather the man’s perception and reaction to the situation determines the outcome in his life.

Fixed mindset uses challenges as excuses not take action; growth mindset uses challenges as stepping stones to grow. For instance fixed mindset uses lack of money as excuse not to venture into business; growth mindset uses the same lack as a compelling reason to sacrifice, start small and build a business so that someday, she will have abundance.

Which mindset type can you identify yourself with? Is your mindset a recipe for underachievement and failure or it is a propulsion force to the greatest accomplishments?

Decide and make a shift where necessary.

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See you next time

Dr. Josiah Nang-Bayi

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