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Why are Some Rich and Some Poor?

I want to share with you one of the greatest wealth creation tips often overlooked. Have you ever wondered why everyone makes money but very few ever attain true financial freedom? And why extreme very few people become millionaires?

Or even how families once rich and affluent can spiral into pauperdom while people from extremely humble beginnings grow to become billionaires?

You see everyone desires to make money and most people spend their whole life preparing themselves to get a job so that they can make money. However, very few ever thought it wise to study the rewarding commodity of their struggle – MONEY.

The Money Curriculum…

You need to understand that money has its own curriculum and if you are to win the money game, you must study and apply this curriculum. A man who lacks financial knowledge can never be a man of financial freedom.

You can’t be certified to practice and get paid as a medical doctor if you have not gone through the required training of a medical school. It is as simple as that.

No matter how much you receive as a salary, you will never be financially free, unless you submit yourself to acquire and apply the contents of the money curriculum.

A wise word from Warren Buffet…

If you don’t learn how to grow and multiply your money, you will keep chasing money for the rest of your life. That is why Warren Buffet, the greatest investor of our time said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work for money till you die.”

Mastery is Key, Consistency is the gateway…

You cannot be a master of that which you have not studied and practiced consistently! And you cannot succeed at that which you have not mastered.

Get this into your head. Internalise this basic life principle.

That is the reason why five percent of the world’s population own and control ninety-five percent of the world’s wealth.

The Power of Self-Education…

So how can you equip yourself with this life-transforming wisdom?


Yes, self-education

Consciously taking the initiative and time to research and understand the principles and rules guiding the creation of sustainable wealth.

No school system will ever teach you this, it is all dependent on your personal commitment to self-education.

The school system is designed to make an employable workforce, not to make you wealthy.

Learning how to grow your money and build wealth is your sole responsibility.


Dr Josiah Nang-Bayi

Author The Money Farm (www.moneyfarmacademy.com)  

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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD is a medical doctor by profession, an author, a financial literacy and digital assets enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a growing philanthropist.
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