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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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You are the reason why I started this blog!

Yes, you dear reader, YOU!

All my life I have always had the passion to not just discover, and significantly realise my truest and highest calling; but to help other young people do same.

As you may have heard said severally, “the two most important days in a man’s life are the day he is born and the day he discovers why he is born.”

In the words of Stephen Covey, best selling author of The 8th Habit, “find your voice, your unique personal significance, your calling and help others find theirs.

This blog was started on the basis of that noble quest. This blog was created for people who seek to truly contribute their quota to the continuous propagation of the human race and God’s creation as a whole.

This blog is one of my initiatives, intended to transform the mindset  and inculcate growth-oriented attitudes and principles into young people.

It is my hope that through this blog I will further deepen my impact and accelerate the realisation of my quest to raise a new tribe of global Change-Makers.

As I said in my book The Money Farm, I am not claiming to be a millionaire yet but merely a student of the money curriculum with a passion to share and carry others along on my journey fulfilling my purpose on this earth.

The blog focuses on three thematic areas: growth mindset, weekly/monthly book reviews and financial nuggets.

If you are passionate about advancing your personal growth, about finding your voice and contributing to the advancement of society by helping others find their calling, then join me on this journey of transformative adventure.

I am Dr. Josiah Nang-Bayi, medical doctor by profession, author of the promising best-seller THE MONEY FARM, a wealth creation and digital assets enthusiast, a budding philanthropist (with focus on rural child development) and a convicted proponent of the growth mindset.

It is my hope that the journey we start here today will help you find your voice, and help others to find theirs!

Welcome to The Money Farm Academy blog!

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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD is a medical doctor by profession, an author, a financial literacy and digital assets enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a growing philanthropist.
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