What Can I Plan for Valentine’s Day?

Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD
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Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your significant other how much you care. While gifting flowers, chocolate, and jewelry are nice gestures, creating a thoughtful experience makes for a truly special holiday. If you’re wondering what you can plan for Valentine’s Day, there are many romantic, fun, and creative date ideas to make the day memorable. Here are some amazing activities and celebrations to plan for you and your sweetheart this February 14th.

Plan a Romantic Dinner

One of the most classic ways to celebrate on Valentine’s Day is by planning a romantic dinner just for the two of you. To set the mood, cook your partner’s favorite meal and dine by candlelight at home. Alternatively, book a reservation at an elegant restaurant you’ve both been wanting to try complete with dress clothes, a decadent menu, and bottle of wine. Exchange gifts over dessert for intimate ambiance.

Get Creative with Couples Cooking

For quirky fun, try taking a couples cooking class together where you learn to prepare a gourmet three-course meal side-by-side. Find classes focused on dishes you’ve never made before like pasta making, sushi rolling, or molecular gastronomy. Getting creative in the kitchen together makes for great bonding while you impress each other with your culinary skills.

Do a Sweets Tasting

For those with a sweet tooth, visiting three or four bakeries or chocolate shops to taste an array of goodies makes a delicious date. You can feed each other samples and sip champagne as you go. Some shops even offer dessert tasting classes if you want to learn about pairings and ingredients. A tour focused on something you both love is sure to satisfy.

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Plan a Scavenger Hunt

For an activity-filled day, plan a romantic scavenger hunt having your partner follow clues leading them to special places and surprises along the way. Leave notes guiding them to places with meaning like your first date restaurant before ending up at a final surprise like a romantic dinner you planned. You can also hide gift clues, like a bracelet clue guiding them to gift earrings.

Get Pampered at a Luxury Spa

What’s more indulgent than spending Valentine’s Day getting pampered side-by-side? Book massages, facials, and even couples treatments at a high-end spa. Follow up treatments by lounging in the sauna and relaxation rooms. End with chocolates and champagne for ultimate luxury. Just being able to completely unwind together makes for a rejuvenating date.

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Dance the Night Away

Couples dancing is undeniably romantic. You can keep it classic by attending a ballroom gala, taking a salsa or swing lesson, or going to see the Nutcracker ballet. For something trendy, look for dance nights at a club playing music you both enjoy from decades like the 80s, 90s or 2000s. Dancing cheek-to-cheek and showing off your moves make for great memories.

Have a Paint and Sip Date

Get your inner Picasso on and book slots at a paint and sip workshop where you’ll recreate a romantic masterpiece step-by-step—with a glass of wine in hand for loosening up creativity. At the end, you’ll have adorable matching paintings to display proudly at home. For giggly fun, pick a place with sensual painting options like recreating the famous Titanic portrait scene.

Go on a Mini Road Trip

It’s all about the journey, not the destination. Take a spontaneous mini road trip to a location within a few hours’ drive that has romantic activities. Look for quaint small towns, wineries, hot springs, cozy mountain cabins, or even casino resorts. Blast love songs and hold hands while taking in new scenery together. Wander and stop wherever your heart desires.

Recreate Your First Date

For nostalgic romance, reinvent your very first date together. Go back to the same restaurant and order the same meal. See the same movie or go back to the museum you visited. Hearing your first date love story will make staff smile. Reminisce over how far your relationship has come. Snap a photo replicating your first date photo for a then and now contrast.

Get Competitive with Couples Games

Some friendly competition keeps things fun and lively. Plan games customized towards couples like newlywed game trivia, a flirty round of miniature golf or bowling, escape room adventures, karaoke contests, quiz night at a bar, or laser tag battles. Playfully teasing and cheering each other on will create laughter-filled memories. Loser gets a massage from the winner!

Overall, there are endless creative possibilities for making Valentine’s Day special with your significant other. With a little thoughtfulness and effort, you can come up with activities that align with your personalities and make you both smile. Focus on romance, quality time together, and showing your love in any way that feels authentic to you. The day is what you make it.

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