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Do you remember the famous and highly entertaining Chinese action movie, The Drunken Master?

I am sure you do.  You enjoyed it exceptionally well and have probably watched it more than twice.

This 1978 Kung Fu thriller gave Chan Kong-Sang (now known as Jackie Chan SBS MBE PMW ) his breakthrough at the age of 24 years. But did you know that Jackie almost lost an eye in the production of that movie? During a fight with actor Hwang Jang-Lee , after taking a high kick to the head, Chan’s supraciliary ridge was smashed, which effectively broke his eye socket, and nearly cost him his eye.

He has endured dislocated shoulders, spinal damage, a broken ankle, an eye injury, a lacerated lip, and broken teeth, among others. Today he is one of the world’s most celebrated and richest actors.

He paid the price and he got the prize.

We each have dreams and aspirations we wish to achieve. We have desires that beckon to us daily yet unrealised.   Why? Because we have not yet paid the price for them.  

Every dream, every goal, every aspiration, every desire has a price; until you pay the price for its value, you will never achieve it.

Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to make the sacrifices required for the attainment of your goals?

If you are not prepared to sacrifice your instant gratification and go through the pain, then your goals become the sacrifice. Either way, something must be sacrificed. What are you willing to sacrifice?

One of the greatest athletes of our time, and multiple championship-winning basketball player, Lebron James is said to averagely practice four hours a day and is often seen practicing on the court two hours before a game. At age 16, when he was asked about his basketball ambitions, it was not just to play in the NBA, but to become the greatest player the game has ever seen. Today, arguably at age 38, he has achieved that goal, I repeat arguably.

Realizing your goals and becoming the best at what you do, requires time and consistency in building your mind, body, heart, and soul; to attain the transformation needed and to pay the price for what you seek.

Are you willing to pay the price?

Success requires grit, tenacity, and consistency over a period of time. Learn to enjoy the process and endure the pain of paying the price. The process is what perfects you and positions you to achieve bigger goals.

How willing are you to do what needs to be done; to endure the pain that is part of the process, to kill instant gratifications; and pay the price?

You either pay the price or you and your goals become the price, but a price must be paid.

Which do you choose?

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Josiah Nang-Bayi, MD is a medical doctor by profession, an author, a financial literacy and digital assets enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a growing philanthropist.
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